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Discover the secrets behind a 90%+ new-hire success rate in our most comprehensive offering. Over four live electronic-classroom sessions, you will learn the what, why, and how that separates average interviewers from true masters. Stop wasting time on candidates who don’t work out, and new employees who fail out, once you become a HireBest™ master interviewer.

HireBestTM Mastery Training Program Syllabus

A proven, interactive program to help managers be three times more effective in their interviews

module 1:

Creating the Job CipherTM

Hiring the wrong person can cost upwards of 15x salary when you consider the loss of the most important factor – moving the business forward to hit its objectives. Multiply that across your entire organization and hiring becomes a multi-million-dollar responsibility. Yet more time is wasted due to inefficient searches, with internal and external recruiters spinning their wheels to deliver against an unclear mandate. In short, there is substantial productivity gains available by better defining the role you are hiring for. Most hiring mistakes could be avoided by having the proper framework in place during the hiring process. This program presents the job cipher methodology, teaching you how to create a unique job cipher for each position so that you’re attracting the right talent, gaining clarity around the interview process, and ultimately identifying the right candidate.

Attendees will:

  • Understand how building a custom job cipher drives better hiring results.
  • Know the four key elements of a cipher and how to define those for your role.
  • Be able to rigor test a cipher and ensure it is appropriate for the job.
  • Receive the HireBest Cipher template tool.

Did you know that asking the question, “What’s a challenge you’ve overcome in a collaborative manner?” is actually an ineffective question to ask during a manager interview? The way you set-up, curate, and execute the interview are unique to each and every position, but many organizations take a one-size-fits-all approach. Don’t do that! In this program we take you through the different stages of the interview process with particular focus on asking the right questions, listening for the right answers, and becoming a detective to get to the data you need for your cipher.

Attendees will:

  • Learn how to use the crucial first minutes of an interview correctly.
  • Understand the power of unaided data and the pitfalls of traditional techniques.
  • Understand the most powerful questions to ask in an interview.
  • Receive the HireBest interview template tool.

module 2:

Being the Fit Detective

module 3:

Zeroing In On the Fit

During the in-depth interviewing stage you’re constantly balancing two roles: recruiter and detective. On one hand you have to gather the information necessary to accurately assess the candidate, and on the other you’re trying to woo them into wanting the position, should you choose them. In this program we go into in-depth strategies and learn the eight master level techniques of the best interviewers, the four behaviors that plague mediocre interviewers, and balancing the duality of roles.

Attendees will:

  • Know the four bad habits of mediocre interviewers and how to stop them.
  • Have clarity on eight master techniques and have chosen three to focus on.
  • Gain efficacy in closing the interview by switching between the roles of recruiter and detective.

The interview is done. Now it’s time to make the right decision and increase your chances of successfully hiring and on-boarding your new candidate. This last stage of the recruitment cycle is where it can all come together… or fall apart. You need valuable input from your hiring team, and to avoid the decision missteps that plague the typical hiring process. But run-of-the-mill “hallway debriefs” and reference checks simply won’t do. You need unfiltered responses and an accurate picture. How do you manage it all? In this program we go through the post- interview stages—from reference checks, to candidate analysis, to communicating the choice, making sure that both you and the candidate are choosing the job for the right reasons.

Attendees will:

  • Know how to aggregate interview data and make a cohesive conclusion.
  • Understand how to analyze the data gathered against the cipher, and how to ascertain a candidate’s strengths and limitations.
  • Learn techniques for in-depth reference checks that add valuable information to the total candidate picture.

module 4:

Making the Hiring Decision

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