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Learn the interviewing secrets trusted by top companies and private equity firms in our self-paced online training. Discover how they select their most critical leaders, and apply these strategies to building your own team.


Most managers aren't trained to interview effectively

But it’s not their fault!

Most managers achieved success by being very good at their JOB – software engineering, customer service, finance, marketing… you name it. But they never received training or obtained the experience necessary to evaluate the ability of others to do the job.

Hiring managers spend hours upon hours reviewing resumes, screening candidates, and agonizing over the hiring decision. But the average hiring process ends in mediocre talent at best.

Statistically, flipping a coin would provide even better outcomes!


of newly hired employees will FAIL within 18 months



will achieve unequivocal success

This costs the average US company $6.9M annually!

Sources: 2016 Leadership IQ study, US Census Bureau and Commerce Department data, Aesop Partners analysis

HireBest® is the proven, interactive interview training course that helps managers become 3x more effective when interviewing candidates.

Our 75-minute self-paced online training, HireBest Foundations On-Demand is perfect for managers with upcoming interviews who want to be certain of making a better hiring decision.


We guarantee you’ll learn at least three actionable ways to improve your hiring success rate, PLUS you'll get:

Course Modules

A foundational understanding of the key tenets of the HireBest system - enough to make you substantially better at your next interview.


Access to the private HireBest Community, where our team of experts and community members convene to share interviewing best practices.


Take the course at your own pace, all at once, or at your convenience. Need to take a break? Go ahead, we’ll remember your progress.

Here's what you'll learn:

HireBest Foundations On-Demand

Conduct a Better Interview Tomorrow!
$ 495
  • Self-paced, 75-minute online course
  • Printable Course Workbook
  • Access to the private HireBest Community

Hear from HireBest Graduates


Hear from HireBest Graduates

Conduct a better interview tomorrow!

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