Transform your Team's Interviewing Skills with HireBest® Foundations LIVE

Offered exclusively to companies and large groups, HireBest Foundations LIVE will dramatically improve your company’s managers ability to interview and identify the best candidates!

“The HireBest Foundations LIVE class gives your managers a fundamental understanding of the methods that leading investors and public company boards have relied on to gain their talent edge. In one 90-minute session, participants will learn actionable steps they can take to lead a more effective interview tomorrow, including a selection of our master-level techniques. They will learn how to better define the role they are interviewing for, how intention trumps scripts, and how to balance interview data to sidestep decision traps and hire the right person.”

Craig della Penna, Creator, HireBest

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HireBest Foundations LIVE is a 90-minute live instructor-led virtual class that leading companies use to level-up all of their managers’ interviewing skills efficiently and effectively. 

The course relies on group participation, and thus is offered on a schedule that ensures sufficient participation. 

Contact us to discuss scheduling for your group, or to inquire about single-seat options in upcoming classes.  

Can't wait for our next live session?

Got an interview tomorrow that you need to brush up for? HireBest Foundations On-Demand is the solution!

HireBest Foundations On-Demand covers all of the same subjects covered in the HireBest Foundations LIVE course, but with the convenience of setting your own learning schedule.

You'll be able to start and stop the course as needed, learning at your own pace, but with the ability to contact the HireBest team as needed with any questions.

hirebest COURSE offerings

For Teams and Individuals

HireBest Mastery Program


Over four live electronic-classroom sessions, you will learn the what, why, and how that separates average interviewers from true masters.  Stop wasting time on candidates who don’t work out, and new employees who fail out, once you become a HireBest master interviewer.

HireBest Foundations Live


Interested in an instructor-led course that covers the foundation of skills necessary to start interviewing tomorrow? Offered exclusively to companies and large groups, click below for more details on enrolling your company’s managers in our groundbreaking course.

HireBest Foundations On-Demand


Designed to give you the skills necessary to start interviewing tomorrow. We’ve distilled the fundamentals of our Mastery Program into an interactive, on-demand format for your maximum convenience. Learn all at once or over time, in this 75-minute-long course at your own pace.

Conduct a better interview tomorrow!