Improve your team’s assessment skills, collect better quality candidate data, and hire more confidently with HireBest

Our proven Structured Hiring System empowers hiring teams to get aligned on job needs, more efficiently filter candidates, conduct data-rich structured interviews, and make the best, bias-free hiring decisions.

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Take the guesswork out of candidate assessments

Most candidate assessments rely on “resume walkthroughs” or standard behavioral question lists, at best. What’s worse is when interviewers don’t have a clear picture of what they are looking for, nor a consistent rubric for evaluating candidate potential.  

With HireBest, your people will have the tools and the training needed to:

  • Clearly outline what  success looks like for any given role
  • Collaborate with their Hiring Team to ensure alignment
  • Conduct structured interviews that obtain meaningful data
  • Evaluate candidates against the success criteria previously outlined
  • Leverage AI to complement and enhance human decision-making


Save time and money by eliminating mis-hires and hiring people who will thrive and stay! One client reduced first year attrition by 50% (from 23% to 11%) with HireBest.

Become a better interviewer – TODAY

Our 75-minute self-guided online training, HireBest Foundations On-Demand is perfect for managers with upcoming interviews who want to be certain of making a better hiring decision.

Designed to give you the skills necessary to start interviewing tomorrow, we’ve distilled the fundamentals of our Mastery Program into an interactive, on-demand format for your maximum convenience.


Hear from HireBest Graduates


Hear from HireBest Graduates