The Cipher®: Accompanying Resources

Creating Your Cipher

Cipher Worksheet, Template and Checklist

With the right structure, creating a Cipher is as easy as filling out these helpful forms.

Looking for some inspiration?

Check out our example Charges, Outcomes, Deliverables and Efforts to help you craft a clear and concise Cipher.

Which Style Adjectives are right for your Cipher?

Strategic or scrappy? Driven or diligent? Use our guide to choose the best style adjectives for the role you're looking to fill.

What's the right Outcome for this role?

We've outlined some quantifiable Outcomes for various job functions to help you create yours.

How to be brutally honest about company culture and create the best deliverable.

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Strengthening Your Cipher

Creating Your Hiring Board of Advisors

Use these templates to identify the right people to join your Hiring Board of Advisors and collect the input they have on your Cipher.

Brainstorming Questions

Instead of asking “Are these the right deliverables?” remember to ask, “What should this role do?” Here are some questions to ask during your brainstorming process.

Rigor Testing: Avoid these buzzwords!

We strongly encourage you to redefine your paradigm, and enhance the structural efficacy of your true north, while aligning your value proposition with your stakeholders... by cutting out all the jargon!

What Else Can a Cipher Do?

Craig joined the Tuck School of Business Career Dispatches program to teach students and alumni how to use the Cipher approach to honestly evaluate the fit of prospective jobs to ensure that they land in a place where they will thrive. Click here to view the recording!

Take a Course!

Couldn’t get enough of The Cipher? Learn to think critically about exactly what success looks like for any given role in this 60-minute online course.

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