Crack the Code to Hiring Great Teams

The Cipher® is the first step on the journey to a more talented team.
Transform the effectiveness of your team with training in this quantitative and proven process! 

We created the Cipher to address the #1 reason for bad hires:

Far too often, Hiring Managers just don’t know what they are looking for.

Think about it. Most people become managers because they are good at their job. When they peak as an individual contributor, the next logical step is to lead a team of people who also do that job. That’s a very natural progression at most companies.

But did anyone ever teach them how to identify others who would be good at that job? 

Probably not. And that is a very specific skill.

The Cipher solves for this talent gap.

Creating a Cipher is a clearly defined, step-by-step process that teaches managers to think critically about exactly what success looks like for any given role. The Cipher paints a clear picture of:


success will be measured


needs to be done to achieve that success


would be a good fit, culturally


they will manage their team, if applicable

With a defined Cipher, hiring managers and other key stakeholders now have a framework for uniform comparison of multiple candidates, enabling data-driven decision making and a significant reduction in bias.

How is a Cipher better than a job description?

Job descriptions are external marketing tools to attract candidates. A Cipher is an internal, candid and honest assessment of what’s needed from a hire to move the business forward. With a Cipher, you’ll actually be able to create an even more effective job description, rather than using the old, tired description from HR that hasn’t been updated since AOL was a thing.

But that’s not all. By learning a Cipher-based process, you will:

Making a bad hiring decision can cost companies up to 15x the annual salary of that employee. In addition to the direct expenses (such as signing bonuses, relocation, salary while in the role, and severance,) the cost of a bad hire explodes when you consider the distraction of trying to coach them to improve, the lost business opportunities of their poor performance, and any long-term harm they might cause as a manager, should they hire any additional underperformers. Creating a Cipher is the first step toward making better hiring decisions.

The Cipher is the playbook that your team needs to ensure that everyone is looking for the same strengths in a candidate. And part of the process of creating a Cipher is to make sure the whole team is aligned, so you don’t discover disagreements after you’ve made a hiring mistake.

With clearly defined objectives and expectations outlined in your Cipher, new hires will have a clearly defined roadmap to success, and can hit the ground running.

When an employee needs some coaching to improve their performance, you’ll know exactly where the deficiency lies, and what the expectation is for improvement.

If you’re hiring many people for the same role, a Cipher provides a specific framework that you can use repeatedly to measure both the potential of each candidate, and the success of each hire.

Companies that can’t clearly and consistently explain the details of a job to a candidate throughout the hiring process are likely to miss out on the best talent. With a Cipher in place, the candidate experience is vastly improved by reducing role ambiguity and confusion on your hiring team that can be a turn-off to top talent.  


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Crack the Code to Hiring Great Teams
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