Are you using the same old job description to screen candidates for your next hire?

CipherTM Development LIVE will help you bring a data-backed approach to your hiring process. You’ll understand exactly what you are hiring for and who the best candidate could be, as well as the key components to uncovering what you NEED versus what you WANT. 


If it didn't work last time, what makes you think it will work now?

You're Wasting Money!​

Hiring the wrong person can cost a business upwards of 15x that employee's salary when you consider the loss of the most important factor – moving the business forward to hit its objectives.​

You're Wasting Time!​

More time is wasted due to inefficient searches, with internal and external recruiters spinning their wheels to deliver against an unclear mandate.

There is a better way!​

In short, there are substantial productivity gains available by better defining the role you are hiring for. ​


of Recruiters

Think they have an 80% or better understanding of the needs for any given role, yet...


of Managers

Say Recruiting has a "low-to-moderate" understanding of the needs for their hires.


Source: ICIMS

What is a Job CipherTM?

The Job CipherTM is the game-changing document that will help you know exactly what it is that you’re hiring for.
It enables you to drive specificity and alignment across the hiring team and is the critical foundation that allows you to make the best hiring decision.

“Many hiring mistakes could be avoided by having the proper framework in place during the hiring process. This program presents the Cipher methodology, teaching you how to create a unique Job Cipher for each position so that you’re attracting the right talent, gaining clarity around the interview process, and ultimately identifying the right candidate.”

Craig della Penna, Creator, HireBest 

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CipherTM Development LIVE is a 2-hour live instructor-led virtual class that leading companies use to level-up all of their managers’ interviewing skills efficiently and effectively. 

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