Tools and Training to Supercharge Your Team's Assessment Skills

The HireBest Structured Hiring System features on-demand and customizable training options, as well as ongoing support and facilitation via the HireBest app. Connect with your existing ATS, or implement as a stand-alone solution. Realize a more efficient hiring process that produces better quality hires, reduces employee attrition, and standardizes your approach to minimize unconscious bias.


Take the guesswork out of candidate assessments

Most candidate assessments rely on “resume walkthroughs” or standard behavioral question lists, at best. What’s worse is when interviewers don’t have a clear picture of what they are looking for, nor a consistent rubric for evaluating candidate potential.  

With HireBest, your people will have the tools and the training needed to:

  • Clearly outline what  success looks like for any given role
  • Collaborate with their Hiring Team to ensure alignment
  • Conduct structured interviews that obtain meaningful data
  • Evaluate candidates against the success criteria previously outlined
  • Leverage AI to complement and enhance human decision-making

Become a Better Interviewer – TODAY

Our 75-minute self-guided online training, HireBest Foundations On-Demand is perfect for managers with upcoming interviews who want to be certain of making a better hiring decision.

Designed to give you the skills necessary to start interviewing tomorrow, we’ve distilled the fundamentals of our Mastery Program into an interactive, on-demand format for your maximum convenience.

Crack the CODE to Better Quality Hires

In just 60 minutes, you’ll learn a clearly defined, step-by-step process to think critically about exactly what success looks like for any given role.  The Cipher is the first step on the journey to a more talented team. 

Live Courses:

Join an Upcoming LIVE Session

Our live-instructor-led courses have been designed with the help of an online learning expert and are offered via GoToTraining, enabling true educational benefit with the flexibility of Work From Anywhere. These courses are primarily offered to company-specific cohorts, and we occasionally offer open-sessions for highly engaged and committed learners. See below for more details.

Looking for an interactive, instructor led course to really drive home our foundations principles? Look no further. Gain the insight you need to start your BEST interview process today while interacting with other professionals across the HireBest network and a certified HireBest instructor.

This 75-minute instructor led online training is perfect for managers and hiring personnel to sharpen their skill sets. Be certain that you are making the BEST hiring decisions for your next hire.

Our Cipher® LIVE course will guide you in understanding exactly what you are hiring for and who the best candidate could be. Learn the key components to uncovering what you NEED versus what you WANT.

Time and time again, managers are hiring candidates who do not meet the demands of the position because they do not truly understand the role they are hiring for. Gaining a deeper understanding of Cipher development ensures you are placing the best candidates for the best possible outcome.

Our elite mastery program goes in-depth and beyond the Foundations program to certify you as an Expert in the HireBest methodology. Designed for those who will lead interview processes as a hiring manager or HR leader, or for anyone who wants to rise to the level of a true master.

Apply today to take part in our interactive 4 module course. Gain all the knowledge of Cipher development, the stages of the interview process, master interview techniques, and post interview guidance.


Custom Solutions for Larger Groups

Our full-day HireBest Mastery and Cipher Development Workshops blend formal instruction with one-on-one training and can be adjusted to fit into 1-2 sessions depending on audience and need.

Contact us to bring our program to you for an exclusive in-person event. Our curriculum can be adjusted to fit into 1-2 sessions depending on audience and need.

We blend formal instruction with one-on-one training to demonstrate exactly how a Cipher is created and teach executives how to best create job Ciphers themselves. Receive hands-on instruction from the Aesop team as we work with you to create a Cipher for up to three roles.

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